International Personality Item Pool:
A Scientific Collaboratory* for the Development of Advanced Measures of Personality and Other Individual Differences

~ Mission Statement ~

This IPIP Website is intended to provide rapid access to measures of individual differences, all in the public domain, to be developed conjointly among scientists worldwide. Later, the site may include raw data available for reanalysis; in addition, it should serve as a forum for the dissemination of psychometric ideas and research findings.

*What is a collaboratory?
"A collaboratory is a computer-supported system that allows scientists to work with each other, facilities, and data bases without regard to geographical location."
(Finholt, T. A., & Olson, G. M. From laboratories to collaboratories: A new organizational form for scientific collaboration. Psychological Science, January 1997; vol. 8, no. 1; pp. 28-36.)

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