The Items in the Big Five Aspects Scales



Combined Volatility and Withdrawal 20-item scale (Alpha = .89)


10-item scale (Alpha = .85)

+ keyed

Get angry easily.

Get upset easily.

Change my mood a lot.

Am a person whose moods go up and down easily.

Get easily agitated.

Can be stirred up easily.

– keyed

Rarely get irritated.

Keep my emotions under control.

Rarely lose my composure.

Am not easily annoyed.


10-item scale (Alpha = .84)

+ keyed

Am filled with doubts about things.

Feel threatened easily.

Worry about things.

Am easily discouraged.

Become overwhelmed by events.

Am afraid of many things.

– keyed

Seldom feel blue.

Feel comfortable with myself.

Rarely feel depressed.

Am not embarrassed easily.


Combined Compassion and Politeness 20-item scale (Alpha = .84)


10-item scale (Alpha = .84)

+ keyed

Feel others’ emotions.

Inquire about others’ well-being.

Sympathize with others’ feelings.

Take an interest in other people’s lives.

Like to do things for others.

– keyed

Am not interested in other people’s problems.

Can’t be bothered with other’s needs.

Am indifferent to the feelings of others.

Take no time for others.

Don’t have a soft side.


10-item scale (Alpha = .75)

+ keyed

Respect authority.

Hate to seem pushy.

Avoid imposing my will on others.a

Rarely put people under pressure.b

– keyed

Insult people.

Believe that I am better than others.

Take advantage of others.

Seek conflict.

Love a good fight.

Am out for my own personal gain.


Combined Industriousness and Orderliness 20-item scale (Alpha = .84)


10-item scale (Alpha = .81)

+ keyed

Carry out my plans.

Finish what I start.

Get things done quickly.

Always know what I am doing.

– keyed

Waste my time.

Find it difficult to get down to work.

Mess things up.

Don’t put my mind on the task at hand.

Postpone decisions.

Am easily distracted.


10-item scale (Alpha = .80)

+ keyed

Like order.

Keep things tidy.

Follow a schedule.

Want everything to be “just right.”

See that rules are observed.

Want every detail taken care of.

– keyed

Leave my belongings around.

Am not bothered by messy people.

Am not bothered by disorder.

Dislike routine.


Combined Enthusiasm and Assertiveness 20-item scale (Alpha = .85)


10-item scale (Alpha = .81)

+ keyed

Make friends easily.

Warm up quickly to others.

Show my feelings when I’m happy.

Have a lot of fun.

Laugh a lot.

– keyed

Am hard to get to know.

Keep others at a distance.

Reveal little about myself.

Rarely get caught up in the excitement.

Am not a very enthusiastic person.c


10-item scale (Alpha = .85)

+ keyed

Take charge.

Have a strong personality.

Know how to captivate people.

See myself as a good leader.

Can talk others into doing things.

Am the first to act.

– keyed

Do not have an assertive personality.d

Lack the talent for influencing people.

Wait for others to lead the way.

Hold back my opinions.


Combined Intellect and Openness 20-item scale (Alpha = .85)


10-item scale (Alpha = .84)

+ keyed

Am quick to understand things.

Can handle a lot of information.

Like to solve complex problems.

Have a rich vocabulary.

Think quickly.

Formulate ideas clearly.

– keyed

Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.

Avoid philosophical discussions.

Avoid difficult reading material.

Learn things slowly.


10-item scale (Alpha = .78)

+ keyed

Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Believe in the importance of art.

Love to reflect on things.

Get deeply immersed in music.

See beauty in things that others might not notice.

Need a creative outlet.

– keyed

Do not like poetry.

Seldom get lost in thought.

Seldom daydream.

Seldom notice the emotional aspects of paintings and pictures.

Note. The scales are described in the following article: DeYoung, C. G., Quilty, L. C., & Peterson, J. B. (2007). Between facets and domains: 10 aspects of the Big Five. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 93, 880-896.

aThis item is a reverse-wording of IPIP item H721 "Impose my will on others." It was not administered to the ESCS.

bThis item is a reverse-wording of IPIP item H774 "Put people under pressure." It was not administered to the ESCS.

cThis item was newly written for the BFAS rather than taken from the IPIP. It was not administered to the ESCS.

dThis item is a reverse-wording of an item from the BFI (John, et al, 2008) rather than the IPIP. It was not administered to the ESCS.

John, O. P., Naumann, L. P., & Soto, C. J. (2008). Paradigm shift to the integrative Big-Five trait taxonomy: History, measurement, and conceptual issues. In O. P. John, R. W. Robins, & L. A. Pervin (Eds.), Handbook of personality: Theory and research (pp. 114-158). New York, NY: Guilford Press.


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