The Items in Each of the 12-Item IPIP Scales Measuring Constructs Similar to Those in the 5 NEO-PI-R Domain Scales (Maples-Keller et al., 2019)


N1: Anxiety

+ keyed

Worry about things.


Get stressed out easily.


N2: Anger

+ keyed

Get angry easily.


Lose my temper.


N3: Depression

+ keyed

Often feel blue.


Dislike myself.

 N4: Self-Consciousness

+ keyed

Find it difficult to approach others.


Am easily intimidated.


N5: Immoderation

– keyed

Rarely overindulge.


Am able to control my cravings.

 N6: Vulnerability

– keyed

Remain calm under pressure.


Am calm even in tense situations.


E1: Friendliness

+ keyed

Make friends easily.


Act comfortably with others.


E2: Gregariousness

+ keyed

Love large parties.


– keyed

Avoid crowds.


E3: Assertiveness

+ keyed

Take charge.


Try to lead others.


E4: Activity Level

+ keyed

Am always busy.


Am always on the go.


E5: Excitement-Seeking

+ keyed

Love excitement.


Seek adventure.


E6: Cheerfulness

+ keyed

Have a lot of fun.


Love life.


O1: Imagination

+ keyed

Have a vivid imagination.


Love to daydream.


O2: Artistic Interests

+ keyed

Believe in the importance of art.


– keyed

Do not like art.


O3: Emotionality

+ keyed

Experience my emotions intensely.


– keyed

Am not easily affected by my emotions.


O4: Adventurousness

– keyed

Prefer to stick with things that I know.


Don’t like the idea of change.


O5: Intellect

– keyed

Avoid philosophical discussions.

Am not interested in theoretical discussions.


O6: Liberalism

+ keyed

Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.


– keyed

Believe in one true religion.


A1: Trust

+ keyed

Trust others.


Believe that others have good intentions.


A2: Morality

– keyed

Cheat to get ahead.

  Take advantage of others.

A3: Altruism

+ keyed

Love to help others.


Am concerned about others.


A4: Cooperation

– keyed

Insult people.


Get back at others.


A5: Modesty

– keyed

Believe that I am better than others.


Think highly of myself.


A6: Sympathy

+ keyed

Sympathize with the homeless.


Feel sympathy for those who are worse off than myself.


 C1: Self-Efficacy

+ keyed

Handle tasks smoothly.


Know how to get things done.


 C2: Orderliness

+ keyed

Like order.


– keyed

Leave a mess in my room.


 C3: Dutifulness

+ keyed

Tell the truth.


– keyed

Break my promises.


C4: Achievement-Striving

+ keyed

Work hard.


Set high standards for myself and others.


C5: Self-Discipline

+ keyed

Carry out my plans.

– keyed

Have difficulty starting tasks.


C6: Cautiousness

– keyed

Make rash decisions.


Act without thinking.

Maples-Keller, J. L, Williamson, R. L., Sleep, C. E., Carter, N. T., Campbell, W. K., & Miller, J. D. (2019). Using item response theory to develop a 60-item representation of the NEO PI–R using the International Personality Item Pool: Development of the IPIP–NEO–60. Journal of Personality Assessment, 101, 4-5. DOI: 10.1080/00223891.2017.1381968

Alphas based on the Eugene-Springfield community sample of N = 757.


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