18 Items of the 3 IPIP-VIA-R-Based Global Core Strength Scales
Partsch, Olaru, & Lechner, 2022)



Positivity (rtt = .72/.80; Ω = .66/.74)*


+ keyed

Remain hopeful despite challenges.


Look forward to each new day.


Know that there are people in my life who care as much for me as for themselves.



- keyed

Find few things in my life to be grateful for.


Find it hard to forgive others.


Have difficulty accepting love from anyone.



Dependability (rtt = .75/.70; Ω = .72/.81)*


+ keyed

Make careful choices.


Would never be described as arrogant.


Believe that everyone's rights are equally important.



- keyed

Lie to get myself out of trouble.


Get impatient when others talk to me about their problems.


Take advantage of others.



Mastery (rtt = .72/.68; Ω = .63/.78)*


+ keyed

Am an original thinker.


Have a mature view on life.


Am valued by my friends for my good judgment.



- keyed

Do not stand up for my beliefs.

Have trouble guessing how others will react.


Have difficulty getting others to work together.



* Note: Reliability estimates obtained from a quality-filtered quota sample in Germany (ntest = 420, nretest = 202; based on a German adaption of the scales; presented before the ‘/’) and a quality-filtered parallel sample in the U.K. (ntest = 440, nretest = 199; presented behind the ‘/’) in a 3-form planned missingness design; rtt: test-retest reliability with an interval between 2-3 weeks using pairwise complete observations; Ω: McDonald’s Omega composite reliability based on the fitting scalar invariant (i.e., across Germany and the U.K.) multi-group CFA measurement model including three correlated latent core strength variables and an uncorrelated latent acquiescence variable using full information maximum likelihood (FIML).


Partsch, M. V., Olaru, G., & Lechner, C. M. (2022). Measuring global character dimensions: An ant colony optimization approach towards three core strengths scales. PsyArXiv. https://doi.org/10.31234/osf.io/tdjh4



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