Reliability and Validity of IPIP Scales


Cronbach alpha reliability estimates are available for all of the IPIP scales on this site. These reliability estimates are based on responses of the Eugene-Springfield Community Sample. These coefficient alpha values can generally be found in two locations. On Web pages that show scoring keys (for example, the scoring key for Johnson's 30 IPIP-NEO facet scales), coefficient alpha is listed in parentheses or brackets at the beginning of each scale.

Alpha reliability coefficients are also listed in the comparison tables that present statistics on IPIP scales and the measures on which they were based. For multi-construct IPIP inventories, links to all available comparison tables are listed on the multi-construct inventory page. A comparison table for all single constructs can be found on the single constructs page.


Because many IPIP scales were designed to measure constructs similar to those in existing personality inventories, a primary form of validity is the correlation between the IPIP scale and the scale on which it was based. These correlations can be found in the comparison tables described above.

For additional information on the validity of IPIP scales, one must go beyond this site to locate studies which have employed the scale. A partial list of such studies is available on the Publications Page.

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