The Items in the 24 Preliminary IPIP Scales Measuring Constructs Similar to Those in the Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (6FPQ)

Higher-level 6FPQ Constructs:
EXTRAVERSION (6FPQ: Extraversion) [IPIP Scale Alpha = .85]
+ keyed Have a natural talent for influencing people.
  Am skilled in handling social situations.
  Am good at making impromptu speeches.
  Can talk others into doing things.
  Express myself easily.

– keyed Keep in the background.
  Lack the talent for influencing people.
  Find it difficult to approach others.
  Would describe my experiences as somewhat dull.
  Am not good at getting people to like me.

AGREEABLENESS (6FPQ: Agreeableness [AG]) [.73]
+ keyed Take things as they come.
  Try to forgive and forget.
  Accept people as they are.
  Am inclined to forgive others.
  Am not disturbed by events.
  Tolerate a lot from others.

– keyed Get back at others.
  Hold a grudge.
  Am annoyed by others' mistakes.
  Am easily offended.

METHODICALNESS (6FPQ: Methodicalness [ME]) [.78]
+ keyed Like order.
  Am exacting in my work.
  Am always prepared.
  Pay attention to details.
  Want everything to be "just right."

– keyed Am not bothered by disorder.
  Make a mess of things.
  Leave things unfinished.
  Act without planning.
  Mess things up.

INDEPENDENCE (6FPQ: Independence [IP]) [.69]
+ keyed Don't care what others think.
  Don't care about dressing nicely.
  Feel it's OK that some people don't like me.
  Sail my own course.

– keyed Love to be complimented.
  Need the approval of others.
  Need reassurance.
  Want to be liked.
  Believe appearances are important.
  Seek support.

INTELLECTUAL OPENNESS (6FPQ: Openness to Experience [OP]) [.80]
+ keyed Carry the conversation to a higher level.
  Am interested in many things.
  Prefer variety to routine.
  Want to increase my knowledge.
  Am open to change.

– keyed Prefer to stick with things that I know.
  Am not interested in abstract ideas.
  Am not interested in theoretical discussions.
  Try to avoid complex people.
  Rarely look for a deeper meaning in things.

INDUSTRIOUSNESS (6FPQ: Industriousness [IT]) [.75]
+ keyed Work hard.
  Put work above pleasure.
  Am under constant pressure.
  Complete tasks successfully.
  Am always busy.
  Have too many things to do.

– keyed Have extra time on my hands.
  Have a slow pace to my life.
  Feel that work is not an important part of my life.
  Put little time and effort into my work.

Lower-level 6FPQ Constructs:

GREGARIOUSNESS (6FPQ: Affiliation [EX1]) [.87]
+ keyed Talk to a lot of different people at parties.
  Feel comfortable around people.
  Make friends easily.
  Warm up quickly to others.
  Start conversations.

– keyed Often feel uncomfortable around others.
  Avoid contacts with others.
  Keep others at a distance.
  Am hard to get to know.
  Avoid company.

LEADERSHIP (6FPQ: Dominance [EX2]) [.85]
+ keyed Like having authority over others.
  See myself as a good leader.
  Try to lead others.
  Want to be in charge.
  Have a strong need for power.
  Find it easy to manipulate others.

– keyed Dislike having authority over others.
  Dislike taking responsibility for making decisions.
  Am not highly motivated to succeed.
  Wait for others to lead the way.

EXHIBITIONISM (6FPQ: Exhibition [EX3]) [.83]
+ keyed Don't mind being the center of attention.
  Am the life of the party.
  Would make a good actor.
  Like to attract attention.
  Am likely to show off if I get the chance.
  Amuse my friends.

– keyed Don't like to draw attention to myself.
  Have little to say.
  Would not be a good comedian.
  Am not good at telling jokes.

DOCILITY (6FPQ: Abasement [AG1]) [.70]
+ keyed Let other people take the credit for my work.
  Put up with anything.
  Let people push me around to help them feel important.
  Will agree to anything.
  Let myself be used.
  Have already gotten more than I deserve.

– keyed Won't take the blame for something that's not my fault.
  Don't let others take credit for my work.

CALMNESS (6FPQ: Even-tempered [AG2]) [.87]
+ keyed Rarely get irritated.
  Seldom get mad.
  Am not easily annoyed.
  Rarely complain.
  Rarely lose my composure.

– keyed Get angry easily.
  Get irritated easily.
  Lose my temper.
  Snap at people.
  Get upset easily.

ADAPTABILITY (6FPQ: Good-natured [AG3]) [.67]
+ keyed Am good at taking advice.
  Adapt easily to new situations.
  Can stand criticism.

– keyed Am a bad loser.
  Want to have the last word.
  Can't stand being contradicted.
  Put down others' proposals.
  Don't tolerate critics.

CONSERVATISM (6FPQ: Cognitive Structure [ME1]) [.61]
+ keyed Want things to proceed according to plan.
  Have no sympathy for criminals.
  Like to follow a regular schedule.
  Respect authority.
  Dislike loud music.

– keyed Let others down.
  Oppose authority.
  Don't care about rules.

DELIBERATENESS (6FPQ: Deliberateness [ME2]) [.76]
+ keyed Choose my words with care.
  Take care of my own affairs.
  Remain calm under pressure.
  Easily resist temptations.

– keyed Jump into things without thinking.
  Make rash decisions.
  Like to act on a whim.
  Rush into things.
  Don't know why I do some of the things I do.
  Act quickly without thinking.

ORDERLINESS (6FPQ: Order [ME3]) [.81]
+ keyed Get chores done right away.
  Like to tidy up.
  Have an eye for detail.
  Do unpleasant tasks immediately.

– keyed Leave my belongings around.
  Leave a mess in my room.
  Am continually losing things.
  Am not bothered by messy people.
  Can never find anything.
Often forget to put things back in their proper place.

RECLUSIVENESS (6FPQ: Autonomy [IP1]) [.66]
+ keyed Like to be alone.
  Prefer to do things by myself.
  Go my own way.
  Enjoy spending time by myself.
  Dislike being complimented.
  Live in a world of my own.

– keyed Don't like being away from civilization.
  Keep my hair fashionable.
  Can't do without the company of others.
  Keep myself well-groomed.

UNPRETENTIOUSNESS (6FPQ: Individualism [IP2]) [.74]
+ keyed Am not concerned with making a good impression.
  Don't care whether I'm considered special.

– keyed Want to amount to something special in others' eyes.
  Worry about what people think of me.
  Seek status.
  Try to impress others.
  Judge people by their appearance.
  Put on a show to impress people.
  Change myself to suit others.

SELF-SUFFICIENCY (6FPQ: Self Reliance [IP3]) [.59]
+ keyed Act without consulting others.
  Do things men traditionally do.
  Do things my own way.
  Make decisions quickly.
  Believe that events in my life are determined only by me.

– keyed Need protection.
  Often need help.
  Talk about my worries.
  Let myself be directed by others.
  Am easily moved to tears.

ADVENTUROUSNESS (6FPQ: Change [OP1]) [.70]
+ keyed Would like to live for awhile in a different country.
  Like to visit new places.
  Seek adventure.
  Try to do too difficult things.

– keyed Dislike changes.
  Am attached to conventional ways.
  Dislike the unknown.
  Don't like to travel.
  Would never go hang-gliding or bungee-jumping.
  Am a creature of habit.

COMPREHENSION (6FPQ: Understanding [OP2]) [.82]
+ keyed Love to read challenging material.
  Like to read.
  Have a rich vocabulary.
  Spend a lot of time reading.
  Enjoy discussing movies and books with others.
  Find political discussions interesting.
  Show a mastery of language.

– keyed Avoid difficult reading material.
  Avoid philosophical discussions.
  Have a poor vocabulary.

CULTURE (6FPQ: Breadth of Interest [OP3]) [.80]
+ keyed Believe in the importance of art.
  Enjoy hearing new ideas.
  Love to learn new things.
  Get excited by new ideas.
  Like music.

– keyed Do not enjoy going to art museums.
  Believe that too much tax money goes to support artists.
  Do not like concerts.
  Do not like poetry.
  Do not enjoy watching dance performances.

ACHIEVEMENT-STRIVING (6FPQ: Achievement [IT1]) [.82]
+ keyed Do more than what's expected of me.
  Accomplish a lot of work.
  Excel in what I do.
  Plunge into tasks with all my heart.
  Do a lot in my spare time.

– keyed Do just enough work to get by.
  Hang around doing nothing.
  Shirk my duties.
  Find it difficult to get down to work.
  Need a push to get started.

RESOURCEFULNESS (6FPQ: Endurance [IT2]) [.81]
+ keyed Like to solve complex problems.
  Can perform a wide variety of tasks.
  Can work under pressure.
  Need things explained only once.
  Can handle a lot of information.
  Can tackle anything.
  Can manage many things at the same time.
  Am good at many things.

– keyed Don't pay attention.
  Give up easily.

PLAYFULNESS (6FPQ: Seriousness reflected [IT3]) [.73]
+ keyed Have a lot of fun.
  Let myself go.
  Act wild and crazy.
  Love excitement.
  Have time for play and relaxation.
  Know how to enjoy myself.
  Enjoy being reckless.
  Am willing to try anything once.
  Am relaxed most of the time.
  Express childlike joy.

– keyed (No reverse-keyed items on this scale.)

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