The Items in the 7 Preliminary IPIP Scales Measuring the 7 Factors from Saucier (1997)

+ keyed Am open about my feelings.
  Take charge.
  Talk to a lot of different people at parties.
  Make friends easily.
  Never at a loss for words.

– keyed Don't talk a lot.
  Keep in the background.
  Speak softly.
  Have difficulty expressing my feelings.
  Hold back my opinions.

+ keyed Feel others' emotions.
  Have a soft heart.
  Sympathize with others' feelings.
  Am concerned about others.
  Make people feel at ease.

– keyed Insult people.
  Put people under pressure.
  Take advantage of others.
  Am not interested in other people's problems.
  Find fault with everything.

+ keyed Do things by the book.
  Try to follow the rules.
  Believe laws should be strictly enforced.
  Pay attention to details.
  Like order.

– keyed Act wild and crazy.
  Break rules.
  Jump into things without thinking.
  Do things in a half-way manner.
  Do crazy things.

+ keyed Seldom feel blue.
  Am relaxed most of the time.
  Feel comfortable with myself.
  Am not easily bothered by things.
  Take things as they come.

– keyed Often feel blue.
  Am often down in the dumps.
  Get stressed out easily.
  Have frequent mood swings.
  Feel desperate.

+ keyed Have excellent ideas.
  Quick to understand things.
  Have a rich vocabulary.
  Use my brain.
  Carry the conversation to a higher level.

– keyed Am not interested in abstract ideas.
  Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.
  Try to avoid complex people.
  Will not probe deeply into a subject.
  Avoid difficult reading material.

+ keyed Keep myself well-groomed.
  Like to tidy up.
  Get things done quickly.
  Believe that I am important.
  Keep improving myself.

– keyed Don't care about dressing nicely.
  Know that I am not a special person.
  Don't like to get dressed up.
  Pay no attention to my appearance.
  Am not highly motivated to succeed.

+ keyed Copy others.
  Demand attention.
  Try to impress others.
  Need the approval of others.
  Conform to others' opinions.
  Change myself to suit others.
  Talk mainly about myself.
  Interfere in other people's business.
  Want to be told I am right.
  Want to prove myself.
– keyed (No negatively-keyed items)
For further information about the 7 Factors, see Saucier, G. (1997). Effects of variable selection on the factor structure of person descriptors. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 73, 1296-1312.
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