The Items in Each of the Preliminary IPIP Scales Measuring the Constructs in Gray's Behavioral Inhibition and Activation Systems (BIS/BAS: Carver & White, 1994)

BIS (ANXIETY) [Alpha = .84)
+ keyed Worry about what people think of me.
  Am always worried about something.
  Often worry about things that turn out to be unimportant.
  Am afraid that I will do the wrong thing.
  Am easily hurt.
  Begin to panic when there is danger.
  Become overwhelmed by events.
  Get stressed out easily.
– keyed Rarely worry.
  Am not embarrassed easily.
BAS/FUN-SEEKING [Alpha = .79]
+ keyed Like to behave spontaneously.
Have persuaded others to do something really adventurous or crazy.
Am willing to try anything once.
Like to act on a whim.
Prefer friends who are excitingly unpredictable.
Do crazy things.
Enjoy being reckless.

– keyed Would never go hang gliding or bungee jumping.
  Rarely enjoy behaving in a silly manner.
  Avoid dangerous situations.
BAS/DRIVE [Alpha = .77]
+ keyed Want to be in charge.
Try to surpass others' accomplishments.
Like to show off my body.
Know how to get around the rules.
Have a strong need for power.
Take charge.
Push myself very hard to succeed.

– keyed Am not highly motivated to succeed.
Am not an extraordinary person.
Hate being the center of attention.
+ keyed Feel excited or happy for no apparent reason.
Get caught up in the excitement when others are celebrating.
Am eager to soothe hurt feelings.
Get so happy or energetic that I am almost giddy.

– keyed Rarely get caught up in the excitement.
Don't get excited about things.
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