The Items in the Preliminary IPIP Scales Measuring Constructs Similar to Those Included in Lee and Ashton's HEXACO Personality Inventory


Honesty-Humility (H) Facets

Sincerity (H:Sinc) [Alpha = .81]



+ keyed

Don't pretend to be more than I am.



- keyed

Use flattery to get ahead.


Tell other people what they want to hear so that they will do what I want them to do.


Put on a show to impress people.


Switch my loyalties when I feel like it.


Play a role in order to impress people.


Pretend to be concerned for others.


Act like different people in different situations.


Find it necessary to please the people who have power.


Let people push me around to help them feel important.


Fairness (H:Fair) [Alpha = .77]



+ keyed

Would never take things that aren't mine.


Would never cheat on my taxes.


Return extra change when a cashier makes a mistake.


Would feel very badly for a long time if I were to steal from someone.


Try to follow the rules.



- keyed

Admire a really clever scam.


Cheat to get ahead.


Steal things.


Cheat on people who have trusted me.


Would not regret my behavior if I were to take advantage of someone impulsively.


Greed Avoidance (H:Gree) [Alpha = .69]



+ keyed

Would not enjoy being a famous celebrity.


Don't strive for elegance in my appearance.



- keyed

Love luxury.


Have a strong need for power.


Seek status.


Am mainly interested in money.


Wish to stay young forever.


Try to impress others.


Prefer to eat at expensive restaurants.


Am out for my own personal gain.


Modesty (H:Mode) [Alpha = .81]



+ keyed

Don't think that I'm better than other people.


See myself as an average person.


Am just an ordinary person.


Consider myself an average person.



- keyed

Would like to have more power than other people.


Believe that I am better than others.


Like to attract attention.


Am more capable than most others.


Am likely to show off if I get the chance.

  Boast about my virtues.


Emotionality (E) Facets

Fearfulness (E:Fear) [Alpha = .84]



+ keyed

Am a physical coward.


Begin to panic when there is danger.


Would fear walking in a high-crime part of a city.


Tremble in dangerous situations.


Would never go riding down a stretch of rapids in a canoe.



- keyed

Like to do frightening things.


Face danger confidently.


Love dangerous situations.


Would be good at rescuing people from a burning building.


Am willing to take risks.


Anxiety (E:Anxi) [Alpha = .85]



+ keyed

Often worry about things that turn out to be unimportant.


Worry about things.


Get stressed out easily.


Get upset by unpleasant thoughts that come into my mind.


Panic easily.



- keyed

Rarely worry.


Rarely feel depressed.


Am not easily disturbed by events.


Remain calm under pressure.


Don't worry about things that have already happened.


Dependence (E:Depe) [Alpha = .73]



+ keyed

Need reassurance.


Let myself be influenced by others.


Need the approval of others.


Need protection.


Often need help.


Show my sadness.


Suspect that my facial expressions give me away when I feel sad.


Seek support.


Can't do without the company of others.


Want to be liked.


Sentimentality (E:Sent) [Alpha = .79]



+ keyed

Feel others' emotions.


Immediately feel sad when hearing of an unhappy event.


Cry during movies.


Am sensitive to the needs of others.


Am deeply moved by others' misfortunes.



- keyed

Rarely cry during sad movies.


Seldom feel weepy while reading the sad part of a story.


Am seldom bothered by the apparent suffering of strangers.


Don't understand people who get emotional.


Seldom get emotional.


Extraversion (X) Facets

Expressiveness (X:Expr) [Alpha = .84]



+ keyed

Talk a lot.


Am never at a loss for words.


Am the life of the party.


Tell people about it when I'm irritated.


Have an intense, boisterous laugh.



- keyed

Don't talk a lot.


Don't like to draw attention to myself.


Say little.


Bottle up my feelings.


Speak softly.


Social Boldness (X:SocB) [Alpha = .86]



+ keyed

Am good at making impromptu speeches.


Don't mind being the center of attention.


Feel comfortable around people.


Have leadership abilities.


Have a strong personality.



- keyed

Would be afraid to give a speech in public.


Keep in the background.


Find it difficult to approach others.


Hate being the center of attention.


Have little to say.


Sociability (X:Soci) [Alpha = .85]



+ keyed

Usually like to spend my free time with people.


Talk to a lot of different people at parties.


Love to chat.


Make friends easily.


Enjoy being part of a group.



- keyed

Seem to derive less enjoyment from interacting with people than others do.


Rarely enjoy being with people.


Would not enjoy a job that involves a lot of social interaction.


Am hard to get to know.


Keep others at a distance.


Liveliness (X:Live) [Alpha = .82]



+ keyed

Maintain high energy throughout the day.


Have great stamina.


Am usually active and full of energy.


Smile a lot.


Feel healthy and vibrant most of the time.


Laugh a lot.


Feel that I have a lot of inner strength.


Have a lot of fun.



- keyed

Tire out quickly.


Often feel blue.


Agreeableness (A) Facets

Forgiveness (A:Forg) [Alpha = .78]



+ keyed

Love my enemies.


Try to forgive and forget.


Am inclined to forgive others.


Am nice to people I should be angry at.



- keyed

Find it hard to forgive others.


Hold a grudge.


Get back at people who insult me.


Get even with others.


Distrust people.


Feel that most people can't be trusted.


Gentleness (A:Gent) [Alpha = .81]



+ keyed

Rarely complain.


Take things as they come.


Accept people as they are.


Have a good word for everyone.



- keyed

Become frustrated and angry with people when they don't live up to my expectations.


Am quick to judge others.


Find fault with everything.


Speak ill of others.


Have a sharp tongue.


Criticize others' shortcomings.


Flexibility (A:Flex) [Alpha = .73]



+ keyed

Adjust easily.


Am good at taking advice.



- keyed

When interacting with a group of people, am often bothered by at least one of them.  


React strongly to criticism.


Get upset if others change the way that I have arranged things.


Am hard to convince.


Am annoyed by others' mistakes.


Can't stand being contradicted.


Am hard to satisfy.


Am hard to reason with.


Patience (A:Pati) [Alpha = .88]



+ keyed

Find that it takes a lot to make me feel angry at someone.


Rarely feel angry with people.


Am usually a patient person.


Rarely get irritated.


Seldom get mad.



- keyed

Am easily annoyed.


Get angry easily.


Get irritated easily.


Lose my temper.


Get upset easily.


Conscientiousness (C) Facets

Organization (C:Orga) [Alpha = .85]



+ keyed

Keep things tidy.


Get chores done right away.


Like order.


Like to tidy up.


Want everything to be "just right."



- keyed

Leave a mess in my room.


Leave my belongings around.


Don't finish the things that I start.


Often forget to put things back in their proper place.


Am not bothered by disorder.


Diligence (C:Dili) [Alpha = .81]



+ keyed

Push myself very hard to succeed.


Get started quickly on doing a job.


Am exacting in my work.


Work hard.


Complete tasks successfully.



- keyed

Do just enough work to get by.


Stop when work becomes too difficult.


Do too little work.


Hang around doing nothing.


Quickly lose interest in the tasks I start.


Perfectionism (C:Perf) [Alpha = .80]



+ keyed

Pay attention to details.


Continue until everything is perfect.


Have an eye for detail.


Want every detail taken care of.


Dislike imperfect work.


Want everything to add up perfectly.


Detect mistakes.


Demand quality.



- keyed

Pay too little attention to details.


Prefer to just let things happen.


Prudence (C:Prud) [Alpha = .80]



+ keyed

Avoid mistakes.


Make plans and stick to them.


Do things according to a plan.



- keyed

Jump into things without thinking.


Do things without thinking of the consequences.


Make rash decisions.


Act impulsively when something is bothering me.


Make careless mistakes.


Don't know why I do some of the things I do.


Make a fool of myself.


Openness to Experience (O) Facets

Aesthetic Appreciation (O:AesA) [Alpha = .83]



+ keyed

Believe in the importance of art.


Get deeply immersed in music.


See beauty in things that others might not notice.


Enjoy feeling "close to the earth."


Have read the great literary classics.



- keyed

Do not like art.


Seldom notice the emotional aspects of paintings and pictures.


Do not like poetry.


Do not like concerts.


Do not enjoy watching dance performances.


Inquisitiveness (O:Inqu) [Alpha = .78]



+ keyed

Am interested in science.


Would love to explore strange places.


Enjoy intellectual games.


Love to read challenging material.


Find political discussions interesting.


Have a rich vocabulary.



- keyed

Don't know much about history.


Avoid difficult reading material.


Don't bother worrying about political and social problems.


Will not probe deeply into a subject.


Creativity (O:Crea) [Alpha = .85]



+ keyed

Have a vivid imagination.


Come up with something new.


Carry the conversation to a higher level.


Am full of ideas.


Love to think up new ways of doing things.


Have excellent ideas.



- keyed

Do not have a good imagination.


Have difficulty imagining things.


Have trouble guessing how others will react.


Seldom experience sudden intuitive insights.


Unconventionality (O:Unco) [Alpha = .84]



+ keyed

Am considered to be kind of eccentric.


Know that my ideas sometimes surprise people.


Do things that others find strange.


Rebel against authority.


Swim against the current.



- keyed

Would hate to be considered odd or strange.


Enjoy being thought of as a normal "mainstream" person.


Like to be viewed as proper and conventional.


Like to be thought of as a normal kind of person.

  Try to avoid complex people.

Note. Ashton, Lee, and Goldberg (2007) used Lee and Ashton's (2004) version of the HEXACO-PI to construct IPIP representations of the HEXACO-PI constructs. Current versions of the HEXACO-PI are available to researchers at .

Ashton, M. C., Lee, K., & Goldberg, L. R. (2007). The IPIP–HEXACO scales: An alternative, public-domain measure of the personality constructs in the HEXACO model. Personality and Individual Differences, 42, 1515-1526.

Lee, K., & Ashton, M. C. (2004). Psychometric properties of the HEXACO personality inventory. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 39, 329–358.

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