Alphabetical Index of 274 Labels for 463 IPIP Scales

Each construct listed below is followed by links to those IPIP scales that seem to measure that same construct.  The abbreviations for the link labels are explained in the footnote at the bottom of this page.

Achievement-striving (NEO: C4), (TCI: P3), (MPQ: AC), (6FPQ: IT1), (HPI: Competitive HIC)
Activity-level (NEO: E4), (JPI: Enl)
Adaptability (6FPQ: AG3)
ADHD (ADHD: Span, et al., 2002)
Adventurousness (NEO: O4), (CPI: Sp), (6FPQ: OP1), (ORVIS: Adventure)
Aesthetic Appreciation/Artistic Interests (NEO: O2), (HEX: O-AesA), (VIA: App), (HPI: Culture HIC), (BFAS: Openness)
Affective Lability (CAT-PD: Affective Lability)
Agreeableness (NEO Domain), (Big-Five Domain), (Big-7: 525), (6FPQ: AG), (BFAS: Agreeableness)
Altruism (NEO: A3), (ORVIS: Altruism)
Ambition/Drive (BAS-Drive: Carver & White, 1994)
Amiability (CPI: Ami)
Anger (CAT-PD: Anger), (NEO: N2), (CAT-PD: Anger), (BFAS: Volatility)
Anhedonia (CAT-PD: Anhedonia)
Anxiety (CAT-PD: Anxiousness), (NEO: N1), (JPI: Axy), (16PF: O), (HEX: E-Anxi), (BIS-Anxiety: Carver & White, 1994), (BFAS: Withdrawal)
Appearance-Consciousness (HPI: Appearance HIC), (ORAIS: Fashion)
Artistic Interests/Aesthetic Appreciation (NEO: O2), (HEX: O-AesA), (VIA: App), (HPI: Culture HIC), (BFAS: Openness)
Assertiveness (AB5C: I+/III+), (NEO: E3), (CPI: Do), (16PF: E), (MPQ: SP), (BFAS: Assertiveness)
Attention to Emotions (Barchard, 2001)
Attractiveness (Big-7: 525)
Authenticity/Integrity/Honesty (VIA: Int)
Behavioral Inhibition/Activation System (BIS/BAS: Carver & White, 1994)
Belligerence (MPQ: AG)
Bravery/Courage/Valor (VIA: Val)
Callousness (CAT-PD: Callousness), (IPIP-IPC: Cold-Hearted)
Calmness (AB5C: IV+/II+), (CPI: WO), (HPI: SO), (6FPQ: AG2), (HPI: Calmness), (HPI: Not Anxious HIC), (HPI: Calmness HIC)
Capacity for Love (VIA: Cap)
Cautiousness (AB5C: III+/I-), (NEO: C6)
Cheerfulness (NEO: E6)
Children, Interest in (ORAIS: Child-Related)
Citizenship/Teamwork (VIA: Cit)
Cognitive Failures (Cognitive Failures: Broadbent, et al., 1982)
Cognitive Problems (CAT-PD: CognitiveProblems)
Collecting, Interest in (ORAIS: Collecting)
Compassion (TCI: C1), (BFAS: Compassion)
Competence (AB5C: V+/III+), (CPI: Py), (HPI: MP), (TCI: P2)
Complexity (CPI: Cs), (16PF: Q1)
Comprehension (CPI: Ie), (6FPQ: OP2)
Computing, Interest in (ORAIS: Computing)
Conformity/Dependence/Need for approval (JPI: Cpr) (TCI: RD4), (HEX: E-Depe), (HPI: Not Autonomous HIC)
Conscientiousness (AB5C: III+/III+), (NEO Domain), (Big-Five Domain), (Big-7: 525), (BFAS: Conscientiousness)
Conservatism (TCI: ST4), (MPQ: TR), (6FPQ: ME1)
Construction/Mechanical Interests (ORVIS: Production)
Cool-headedness (AB5C: IV+/III-), (HPI: Even-tempered HIC)
Cooperation (AB5C: II+/I-), (NEO: A4), (HPI: REL)
Courage/Bravery/Valor (VIA: Val)
Creativity/Originality (AB5C: V+/II-), (HPI: Int), (HEX: O-Crea), (VIA: Ori), (ORVIS: Creativity), (ORAIS: Creativity)
Culture (6FPQ: OP3), (ORAIS: Culture)
Curiosity (VIA: Cur), (HPI: Curiosity HIC), (HPI: Science Ability HIC)
Deliberateness (6FPQ: ME2)
Dependence/Conformity/Need for Approval (TCI: RD4), (HEX: E-Depe), (JPI: Cpr), (HPI: Not Autonomous HIC)
Depression (CAT-PD: Depressiveness), (NEO: N3), (CES-D: Radloff, 1977)
Depth (AB5C: V+/IV-), (CPI: Em)
Diligence (HEX: C-Dili)
Disorderliness (CPI: Fx)
Disparagement (IPIP-IPC: Arrogant-Calculating)
Dissociation (Dissociation: Goldberg, 1999)
Distrust (MPQ: AL), (16PF: L)
Docility (6FPQ: AG1)
Dominance (CAT-PD: Domineering), (CPI: Nar), (IPIP-IPC: Assured-Dominant)
Drinking, Interest in (ORAIS: Drinking)
Drive/Ambition (BAS-Drive: Carver & White, 1994)
Dutifulness (AB5C: III+/II+), (NEO: C3), (CPI: V2), (16PF: G), (HPI: Pru), (HPI: Avoids Trouble HIC)
Efficiency (AB5C: III+/I+)
Emotional Detachment (CAT-PD: Emotional Detachment)
Emotional/Social/Personal Intelligence (VIA: Soc)
Emotional Stability (Big-Five Domain), (Big-7: 525), (16PF: C)
Emotionality (NEO: O3), (16PF: Q4)
Emotion-based Decision-making (Barchard, 2001)
Empathy (AB5C: II+/V+), (TCI: C2), (Barchard, 2001), (JPI: Emp), (HPI: Empathy HIC), (HPI: Caring HIC)
Enthusiasm/Zest/Vitality (VIA: Zes), (HPI: Identity HIC), (BFAS: Enthusiasm)
Environmentalism, Interest in (ORAIS: Green Activities)
Equity/Fairness (HEX: H-Fair), (VIA: Equ)
Excitement-seeking (NEO: E5), (BAS-Reward-Responsiveness: Carver & White, 1994)
Exercise, Interest in (ORAIS: Exercise)
Exhibitionism (6FPQ: EX3), (CAT-PD: Exhibitionism), (HPI: Exhibitionistic HIC)
Expressiveness (HEX: X-Expr)
Extravagance (TCI: NS3)
Extraversion (NEO Domain), (Big-Five Domain), (Big-7: 525), (6FPQ: EX), (BFAS: Extraversion)
Fairness/Equity (HEX: H-Fair), (VIA: Equ)
Fantasy Proneness (CAT-PD: Fantasy Proneness)
Fearfulness (HEX: E-Fear)
Femininity (TCI: ST5)
Flexibility (HEX: A-Flex)
Food, Interest in (ORAIS: Food-Related)
Forcefulness (CPI: B-MS)
Forgiveness/Mercy (HEX: A-Forg), (VIA: For), (HPI: Easy to Live With HIC), (HPI: No Hostility HIC)
Friendliness (AB5C: I+/II+), (NEO: E1), (16PF: H), (HPI: Lik), (TCI: RD2), (MPQ: SC), (HPI: Likes People HIC)
Gambling, Interest in (ORAIS: Gambling)
Game-Playing, Interest in (ORAIS: Game-Playing), (HPI: Intellectual Games HIC)
Gardening, Interest in (ORAIS: Gardening)
Gentleness (HEX: A-Gent)
Generosity/Kindness (VIA: Kin)
Good Nature (CPI: V3)
Grandiosity (CAT-PD: Grandiosity)
Gratitude (VIA: Gra)
Greed Avoidance (HEX: H-Gree)
Gregariousness (AB5C: I+/I+), (NEO: E2), (16PF: F), (HPI: SP), (6FPQ: EX1), (HPI: Likes Parties HIC), (IPIP-IPC: Gregarious-Extraverted), (ORAIS: Partying)
Happiness (AB5C: IV+/I+), (CPI: MP), (HPI: ST), (HPI: No Depression HIC)
Harm-avoidance (TCI: HA2)
Health Anxiety (CAT-PD: Health Anxiety)
Home-Making, Interest in (ORAIS: Housekeeping)
Honesty/Integrity/Authenticity (VIA: Int)
Hope/Optimism (CPI: Wb), (TCI: S2), (Scheier, et al., 1994), (VIA: Hop)
Hostile Aggression (CAT-PD: Hostile Aggression)
Humility/Modesty (NEO: A5), (HEX: H-Mode), (VIA: Mod)
Humor/Playfulness (6FPQ: IT3), (VIA: Hum), (HPI: Entertaining HIC)
Hypomanic Exhibitionism (Exhibitionism: Ekblad & Chapman, 1986)
Hypomanic Mood Intensity (Mood Intensity/Change: Eckblad & Chapman, 1986)
Imagination (AB5C: V+/III-), (NEO: O1), (16PF: M), (TCI: ST1), (MPQ: AB)
Immoderation (NEO: N5)
Imperturbability (AB5C: IV+/II-)
Impression-management (BIDR: Paulhus, 1991)
Impulse-control (AB5C: IV+/I-), (TCI: S5), (HPI: Impulse Control HIC)
Independence (6FPQ: IP)
Industriousness/Perseverance/Persistence (TCI: P4), (6FPQ: IT), (VIA: Ind), (BFAS: Industriousness)
Ingenuity (AB5C: V+/I+), (JPI: Inv), (HPI: Generates Ideas HIC)
Initiative (TCI: P1)
Inquisitiveness (HEX: O-Inqu)
Insight (CPI: Sa)
Integrity/Honesty/Authenticity (VIA: Int)
Intellect (AB5C: V+/V+), (NEO: O5), (CPI: Ai), (Big-Five Domain), (Big-7: 525), (16PF: B), (HPI: Education HIC), (BFAS: Intellect)
Intellectual Breadth (JPI: Bdi)
Intellectual Complexity (JPI: Cpx)
Intellectual Openness (6FPQ: OP), (BFAS: Openness/Intellect)
Introspection/Private Self-Consciousness (AB5C: V+/I-), (HPI: Self Focus HIC), (Private Self-Consciousness: Buss, 1980)
Introversion (CPI: V1), (16PF: Q2), (IPIP-IPC: Aloof-Introverted)
Irrational Beliefs (CAT-PD: Unusual Beliefs)
Irresponsibility (CAT-PD: Irresponsibility)
Journaling, Interest in (ORAIS: Writing/Remembering)
Joyfulness (MPQ: WB)
Judgment/Open-mindedness (VIA: Jud)
Kindness/Generosity (VIA: Kin)
Language Mastery (HPI: Good Memory), (ORVIS: Erudition)
Leadership (AB5C: I+/V+), (HPI: Amb), (6FPQ: EX2), (VIA: Lea), (HPI: Leadership HIC), (ORVIS: Leadership HIC)
Learning, Love of (VIA: Lov), (ORAIS: Understanding)
Liberalism (NEO: O6), (CPI: CT)
Liveliness (HEX: X-Live)
Locus of Control (Locus of Control: Levenson, 1981), (Locus of Control: Rational Scale)
Love, Capacity for (VIA: Cap)
Love of Learning (VIA: Lov) (ORAIS: Understanding)
Love of Reading (HPI: Reading HIC), (ORAIS: Reading)
Machiavellianism (JPI: Sas)
Manipulativeness (CAT-PD: Manipulativeness)
Mechanical/Construction Interests (ORVIS: Production)
Mercy/Forgiveness (HEX: A-Forg), (VIA: For), (HPI: Easy to Live With HIC), (HPI: No Hostility HIC)
Methodicalness (6FPQ: ME)
Mistrust (CAT-PD: Mistrust)
Moderation (AB5C: IV+/III+)
Modesty/Humility (NEO: A5), (HEX: H-Mode), (VIA: Mod)
Money, Interest in (ORAIS: Financial)
Morality (AB5C: II+/III+), (NEO: A2), (TCI: C5)
Music, Interest in (ORAIS: Music)
Need for Approval/Conformity/Dependence (HPI: Not Autonomous HIC), (TCI: RD4), (HEX: E-Depe), (JPI: Cpr)
Need for Cognition (Need for Cognition: Cacioppo & Petty, 1982)
Need for Order and Cleanliness (Need for Order and Cleanliness: Foa, et al., 1998)
Negative Expressivity (Barchard, 2001)
Negative Valence (Big-7: 525)
Neuroticism (NEO Domain), (TCI: HA1), (MPQ: SR), (BFAS: Neuroticism)
Non-Perseverance (CAT-PD: Non-Perseverance)
Non-Planfulness (CAT-PD: Non-Planfulness)
Norm Violation (CAT-PD: Norm Violation)
Nurturance (AB5C: II+/V-)
Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms (Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms: Foa, et al., 2002)
Open-mindedness/Judgment (VIA: Jud)
Openness to Experience (NEO Domain)
Optimism/Hope (CPI: Wb), (TCI: S2), (Scheier, et al., 1994), (VIA: Hop)
Orderliness (AB5C: III+/V-), (NEO: C2), (16PF: Q3), (6FPQ: ME3), (HPI: Not Spontaneous HIC), (BFAS: Orderliness)
Organization (AB5C: III+/V+), (JPI: Org), (HEX: C-Orga), (HPI: Mastery HIC), (ORVIS: Organization)
Originality/Creativity (AB5C: V+/II-), (HPI: Int), (HEX: O-Crea), (VIA: Ori)
Outdoor Activities, Interest in (ORAIS: Summer Activities)
Patience (HEX: A-Pati)
Peculiarity (CAT-PD: Peculiarity)
Perfectionism (AB5C: III+/IV-), (CAT-PD: Perfectionism), (Perfectionism: Foa, et al., 1998), (HEX: C-Perf)
Perseverance/Industriousness/Persistence (6FPQ: IT), (TCI: P4), (VIA: Ind), (BFAS: Industriousness)
Persistence/Industriousness/Perseverance (TCI: P4), (6FPQ: IT), (VIA: Ind), (BFAS: Industriousness)
Personal/Social/Emotional Intelligence (VIA: Soc)
Perspective/Wisdom (VIA: Per)
Pets, Interest in (ORAIS: Pets)
Physical Attractiveness Physical Attractiveness: Rational Scale
Planfulness (CPI: Ac), (MPQ: CO)
Playfulness/Humor (6FPQ: IT3), (VIA: Hum), (HPI: Entertaining HIC)
Pleasantness (AB5C: II+/IV+), (HPI: Virtuous HIC)
Poise (AB5C: I+/IV+), (CPI: Tm)
Politeness (CPI: D-SD)
Political Activism, Interest in (ORAIS: Political/Organizational)
Positive Expressivity (Barchard, 2001), (BFAS: Politeness)
Private Self-consciousness/Introspection (Private Self-Consciousness: Buss, 1980), (AB5C: V+/I-), (HPI: Self Focus HIC)
Problem-solving (HPI: Science Ability HIC) (HPI: Math Ability HIC)
Provocativeness (AB5C: I+/II-)
Prudence (HEX: C-Prud), (VIA: Pru)
Public Self-consciousness (Public Self-Consciousness: Buss, 1980)
Purposefulness (AB5C: III+/IV+)
Quickness (AB5C: V+/IV+), (HPI: Sch)
Rationality (AB5C: III+/II-)
Reading, Love of (HPI: Reading HIC), (ORAIS: Reading)
Rebelliousness (TCI: NS4)
Recklessness (TCI: NS2)
Reclusiveness (6FPQ: IP1) (ORAIS: Being Alone)
Reflection (AB5C: V+/II+)
Relationship Insecurity (CAT-PD: Relationship Insecurity)
Religiousness/Spirituality (VIA: Spi), (ORAIS: Religious/Spiritual Practices)
Reserve (16PF: N)
Resourcefulness (TCI: S3), (6FPQ: IT2)
Responsibility (CPI: Re), (JPI: Rsy)
Responsive Distress (Barchard, 2001)
Responsive Joy (Barchard, 2001)
Rigidity (CAT-PD: Rigidity)
Risk-avoidance (MPQ: HA)
Risk-taking/Sensation-Seeking/Thrill-Seeking (CAT-PD: Risk Taking), (JPI: Rkt), (HPI: Thrill-seeking HIC), (Dangerous Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (Impulsive Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (Calculated Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (BAS-Fun-seeking: Carver & White, 1994)
Romance, Interest in (ORAIS: Romance)
Romantic Disinterest (CAT-PD: Romantic Disinterest)
Romanticism (TCI: ST2)
Rudeness (CAT-PD: Rudeness)
Rumination (HPI: Impression Management HIC)
Satisfaction (TCI: S1)
Science Interest (ORVIS: Analysis)
Security (CPI: Lp), (HPI: Good Attachment HIC)
Self-acceptance (TCI: S4), (HPI: No Guilt HIC)
Self-confidence (HPI: Self-Confidence HIC)
Self-consciousness (NEO: N4)
Self-control/Self-regulation (CPI: Sc), (VIA: Sel)
Self-harm (CAT-PD: Self Harm)
Self-regulation/Self-control (CPI: Sc), (VIA: Sel)
Self-deception (BIDR: Paulhus, 1991)
Self-discipline (NEO: C5), (CPI: Leo), (HPI: Moralistic HIC)
Self-disclosure (AB5C: I+/III-), (TCI: RD3)
Self-efficacy (NEO: C1), (CPI: In), (TCI: HA4-reflected)
Self-esteem (Self-Esteem: Rosenberg, 1965)
Self-improvement, Interest in (ORAIS: Self-Improvement
Self-monitoring (Self-Monitoring: Snyder, 1974)
Self-sufficiency (6FPQ: IP3)
Sensation-Seeking/Risk-taking/Thrill-Seeking (CAT-PD: Risk Taking), (JPI: Rkt), (HPI: Thrill-seeking HIC), (Dangerous Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (Impulsive Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (Calculated Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (BAS-Fun-seeking: Carver & White, 1994)
Sensitivity (16PF: I), (HPI: Sensitive HIC)
Sentimentality (CPI: Fe), (TCI: RD1), (HEX: E-Sent)
Shopping, Interest in (ORAIS: Shopping)
Sincerity (HEX: H-Sinc)
Sociability (AB5C: I+/V-), (CPI: Sy), (HPI: Soc), (JPI: Soc), (HEX: X-Soci), (HPI: Likes Crowds HIC)
Social Boldness (HEX: X-SocB)
Social-confidence (JPI: Scf), (HPI: No Social Anxiety HIC)
Social-discomfort (TCI: HA3)
Social Media, Interest in (ORAIS: Social-Networking)
Social/Personal/Emotional Intelligence (VIA: Soc)
Social Withdrawal (CAT-PD: Social Withdrawal)
Spirituality/Religiousness (VIA: Spi), (ORAIS: Religious/Spiritual Practices)
Sports, Interest in (ORAIS: Sports)
Stability (AB5C: IV+/IV+), (CPI: So), (HPI: Adj)
Submissiveness (CAT-PD: Submissiveness). (IPIP-IPC: Unassured-Submissive)
Sympathy (AB5C: II+/III-), (NEO: A6)
Talkativeness (AB5C: I+/IV-)
Teamwork/Citizenship (VIA: Cit)
Television, Interest in Watching (ORAIS: TV)
Temperance (CPI: Gi)
Tenderness (AB5C: II+/IV-)
Thrill-Seeking/Risk-taking/Sensation-Seeking (CAT-PD: Risk Taking), (JPI: Rkt), (HPI: Thrill-seeking HIC), (Dangerous Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (Impulsive Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (Calculated Thrill-seeking: Hoyle et al., 2002), (BAS-Fun-seeking: Carver & White, 1994)
Timidity (CPI: B-FM)
Tolerance (CPI: To), (TCI: C1), (JPI: Tol), (IPIP-IPC: Unassuming-Ingenuous)
Toughness (AB5C: IV+/V+), (HPI: CP), (HPI: No Somatic Complaints HIC)
Traditionalism (JPI: Trv)
Tranquility (AB5C: IV+/V-)
Travel, Interest in (ORAIS: Travel)
Trust (NEO: A1), (TCI: C3), (HPI: Trusting HIC)
Unconventionality (HEX: O-Unco)
Understanding (AB5C: II+/II+)
Unlikely Virtues (MPQ: UV)
Unpretentiousness (6FPQ: IP2)
Unusual Beliefs (CAT-PD: Unusual Beliefs)
Unusual Experiences (CAT-PD: Unusual Experiences)
Valor/Bravery/Courage (VIA: Val)
Variety-seeking (TCI: NS1), (HPI: Experience-seeking HIC)
Vehicles, Interest in (ORAIS: Vehicles)
Vitality/Enthusiasm/Zest (VIA: Zes), (HPI: Identity HIC) , (BFAS: Enthusiasm)
Vulnerability (NEO: N6)
Warmth (AB5C: II+/I+), (16PF: A), (IPIP-IPC: Warm-Agreeable)
Wisdom/Perspective (VIA: Per)
Workaholism (CAT-PD: Workaholism)
Zest/Vitality/Enthusiasm (VIA: Zes), (HPI: Identity HIC), (BFAS: Enthusiasm)



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