The Items in the 15 Preliminary IPIP Scales
Measuring Constructs Similar to Those in the
Jackson Personality Inventory (JPI-R)

INTELLECTUAL COMPLEXITY (JPI: Complexity [Cpx]) [IPIP Scale Alpha = .82]
+ keyed Believe in the importance of art.
  Have a rich vocabulary.
  Enjoy examining myself and my life.
  Enjoy discussing movies and books with others.
  Try to examine myself objectively.

– keyed Am not interested in abstract ideas.
  Try to avoid complex people.
  Avoid philosophical discussions.
  Am not interested in theoretical discussions.
  Do not like poetry.

INTELLECTUAL BREADTH (JPI: Breadth of Interest [Bdi]) [.79]
+ keyed Love to read challenging material.
  Find political discussions interesting.
  Am interested in many things.
  Love to learn new things.
  Want to increase my knowledge.

– keyed Do not enjoy going to art museums.
  Do not like art.
  Prefer to stick with things that I know.
  Avoid difficult reading material.
  Do not like concerts.

INGENUITY (JPI: Innovation [Inv]) [.84]
+ keyed Love to think up new ways of doing things.
  Have a vivid imagination.
  Am full of ideas.
  Carry the conversation to a higher level.
  Come up with bold plans.
  Have excellent ideas.

– keyed Do not have a good imagination.
  Have difficulty imagining things.
  Will not probe deeply into a subject.
  Can't come up with new ideas.

TOLERANCE (JPI: Tolerance [Tol]) [.73]
+ keyed Am open to change.
  Believe in equality between all races.
  Understand people who think differently.
  Try to forgive and forget.
  Sympathize with the homeless.

– keyed Hold a grudge.
  Find it hard to forgive others.
  Don't like the idea of change.
  Believe in an eye for an eye.

EMPATHY (JPI: Empathy [Emp]) [.80]
+ keyed Feel others' emotions.
  Suffer from others' sorrows.
  Am deeply moved by others' misfortunes.
  Am easily moved to tears.
  Cry easily.
  Experience my emotions intensely.
  Feel spiritally connected to other people.

– keyed Don't understand people who get emotional.
  Am not interested in other people's problems.
  Seldom get emotional.

ANXIETY (JPI: Anxiety [Axy]) [.87]
+ keyed Get stressed out easily.
  Worry about things.
  Get upset easily.
  Have frequent mood swings.
  Often feel blue.

– keyed Am relaxed most of the time.
  Am not easily bothered by things.
  Rarely get irritated.
  Seldom feel blue.
  Am not easily frustrated.

CONFORMITY (JPI: Cooperativeness [Cpr]) [.71]
+ keyed Worry about what people think of me.
  Conform to others' opinions.
  Need the approval of others.
  Want to amount to something special in others' eyes.
  Do what others do.

– keyed Don't care what others think.
  Am not concerned with making a good impression.
  Feel it's OK that some people don't like me.
  Want to form my own opinions.
  Want to be different from others.

SOCIABILITY (JPI: Sociability [Soc]) [.78]
+ keyed Enjoy bringing people together.
  Enjoy being part of a group.
  Love to chat.
  Love surprise parties.
  Am interested in people.

– keyed Prefer to be alone.
  Seek quiet.
  Keep others at a distance.
  Am a very private person.
  Don't like crowded events.

SOCIAL-CONFIDENCE (JPI: Social Confidence [Scf]) [.87]
+ keyed Feel comfortable around people.
  Don't mind being the center of attention.
  Am good at making impromptu speeches.
  Express myself easily.
  Have a natural talent for influencing people.

– keyed Hate being the center of attention.
  Lack the talent for influencing people.
  Often feel uncomfortable around others.
  Don't like to draw attention to myself.
  Have little to say.

ACTIVITY-LEVEL (JPI: Energy Level [Enl]) [.81]
+ keyed Can manage many things at the same time.
  Am always busy.
  Do a lot in my spare time.
  Am always on the go.
  Accomplish a lot of work.

– keyed Need a push to get started.
  Am easily discouraged.
  Do too little work.
  Hang around doing nothing.
  Have a slow pace to my life.

MACHIAVELLIANISM (JPI: Social Astuteness [Sas]) [.79]
+ keyed Find it easy to manipulate others.
  Have a natural talent for influencing people.
  Can talk others into doing things.

– keyed Find it difficult to manipulate others.
  Hate being the center of attention.
  Lack the talent for influencing people.

RISK-TAKING (JPI: Risk Taking [Rkt]) [.78]
+ keyed Enjoy being reckless.
  Take risks.
  Seek danger.
  Know how to get around the rules.
  Am willing to try anything once.
  Seek adventure.

– keyed Would never go hang-gliding or bungee-jumping.
  Would never make a high risk investment.
  Stick to the rules.
  Avoid dangerous situations.

ORGANIZATION (JPI: Organization [Org]) [.79]
+ keyed Get chores done right away.
  Make plans and stick to them.
  Follow a schedule.
  Want everything to be "just right."
  Like order.

– keyed Often forget to put things back in their proper place.
  Waste my time.
  Leave my belongings around.
  Am not bothered by disorder.
  Put off unpleasant tasks.

TRADITIONALISM (JPI: Traditional Values [Trv]) [.87]
+ keyed Believe in one true religion.
  Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
  Am devoted to religion.
  Guide my life using religious scriptures.
  Like to stand during the national anthem.
  Believe in sexual modesty.
  Believe that we should be tough on crime.

– keyed Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
  Don't consider myself religious.
  Doubt the value of religion.

RESPONSIBILITY (JPI: Responsibility [Rsy]) [.69]
+ keyed Would never cheat on my taxes.
  Return extra change when a cashier makes a mistake.
  Would never take things that aren't mine.
  Stay in touch with old acquaintances.
  Think of others first.

– keyed Cheat to get ahead.
  Don't think laws apply to me.
  Believe that I am better than others.
  Disregard rules.
  Hurt people.

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