The Items in the 12 Preliminary IPIP Scales Measuring Constructs Similar to Those in Tellegen's Multidimensional Personality Questionnaire (MPQ)

JOYFULNESS (MPQ Wellbeing [WB]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .84]
+ keyed Have a lot of fun.
  Love life.
  Radiate joy.
  Feel lucky most of the time.
  Just know that I will be a success.

– keyed Often feel blue.
  Am often in a bad mood.
  Feel that my life lacks direction.
  Have a dark outlook on the future.
  Have a low opinion of myself.

POWER-SEEKING (MPQ Social Potency [SP]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .85]
+ keyed Have a natural talent for influencing people.
  Take charge.
  See myself as a good leader.
  Can talk others into doing things.
  Am good at making impromptu speeches.

– keyed Don't like to draw attention to myself.
  Lack the talent for influencing people.
  Keep in the background.
  Find it difficult to manipulate others.
  Have little to say.

ACHIEVEMENT-SEEKING (MPQ Achievement [AC]) [6 + 4 = 10 items; Alpha = .79]
+ keyed Work hard.
  Do more than what's expected of me.
  Continue until everything is perfect.
  Excel in what I do.
  Work too much.
  Plunge into tasks with all my heart.

– keyed Do just enough work to get by.
  Am not highly motivated to succeed.
  Do too little work.
  Have a slow pace to my life.

FRIENDLINESS (MPQ Social Closeness [SC]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .85]
+ keyed Make friends easily.
  Love to chat.
  Enjoy being part of a group.
  Warm up quickly to others.
  Am open about my feelings.

– keyed Want to be left alone.
  Avoid contacts with others.
  Am hard to get to know.
  Keep others at a distance.
  Avoid company.

EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY (MPQ Stress Reaction [SR]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .84]
+ keyed Have frequent mood swings.
  Get stressed out easily.
  Worry about things.
  Panic easily.
  Am filled with doubts about things.

– keyed Seldom feel blue.
  Am relaxed most of the time.
  Am not easily bothered by things.
  Feel comfortable with myself.
  Don't worry about things that have already happened.

BELLIGERENCE (MPQ Aggression [AG]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .77]
+ keyed Get back at others.
  Hold a grudge.
  Do things out of revenge.
  Cheat to get ahead.
  Have a sharp tongue.

– keyed Would never take things that aren't mine.
  Seldom get mad.
  Try to forgive and forget.
  Rarely get irritated.
  Rarely complain.

DISTRUST (MPQ Alienation [AL]) [7 + 3 = 10 items; Alpha = .83]
+ keyed Feel attacked by others.
  Feel short-changed in life.
  Suspect hidden motives in others.
  Distrust people.
  Feel that people have a hard time understanding me.
  Dislike myself.
  Am wary of others.

– keyed Act comfortably with others.
  Trust what people say.
  Trust others.

PLANFULNESS (MPQ Control [CO]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .78]
+ keyed Like to plan ahead.
  Do things by the book.
  Am exacting in my work.
  Pay attention to details.
  Make plans and stick to them.

– keyed Jump into things without thinking.
  Like to act on a whim.
  Often make last-minute plans.
  Make rash decisions.
  Make a mess of things.

RISK-AVOIDANCE (MPQ Harmavoidance [HA]) [3 + 7 = 10 items; Alpha = .80]
+ keyed Would never go hang gliding or bungee jumping.
  Would never make a high-risk investment.
  Avoid dangerous situations.

– keyed Seek danger.
  Am willing to try anything once.
  Do dangerous things.
  Enjoy being reckless.
  Seek adventure.
  Take risks.
  Do crazy things.

CONSERVATISM (MPQ Traditionalism [TR]) [5 + 5 = 10 items; Alpha = .83]
+ keyed Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
  Believe in one true religion.
  Believe laws should be strictly enforced.
  Believe that we should be tough on crime.
  Like to stand during the national anthem.

– keyed Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
  Don't consider myself religious.
  Believe that criminals should receive help rather than punishment.
  Believe in the importance of art.
  Believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.

IMAGINATION (MPQ Absorption [AB]) [6 + 4 = 10 items; Alpha = .78]
+ keyed See beauty in things that others might not notice.
  Enjoy wild flights of fantasy.
  Like to get lost in thought.
  Love to reflect on things.
  Have a vivid imagination.
  Love to daydream.

– keyed Do not like poetry.
  Do not like art.
  Seldom get lost in thought.
  Rarely look for a deeper meaning in things.

UNLIKELY VIRTUES (MPQ Unlikely Virtues [UV]) [12 + 5 = 17 items; Alpha = .76]
+ keyed Always admit it when I make a mistake.
  Never give up hope.
  Know that anyone who tries can get a job.
  Always know why I do things.
  Never give up.
  Know immediately what to do.
  Believe there is never an excuse for lying.
  Always know what I am doing.
  Am always ready to start afresh.
  Have never engaged in gossip.
  Will do anything for others.
  Am always prepared.

– keyed Don't always practice what I preach.
  Have some bad habits.
  Have sometimes had to tell a lie.
  Am not always honest with myself.
  Am not always what I appear to be.

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