The Items in Each of the Preliminary IPIP Scales
Measuring Constructs Similar to Those in the 30 NEO-PI-R Facet Scales
N1: ANXIETY (Alpha = .83)
+ keyed Worry about things.
  Fear for the worst.
  Am afraid of many things.
  Get stressed out easily.
  Get caught up in my problems.

– keyed Am not easily bothered by things.
  Am relaxed most of the time.
  Am not easily disturbed by events.
  Don't worry about things that have already happened.
  Adapt easily to new situations.

N2: ANGER (.88)
+ keyed Get angry easily.
  Get irritated easily.
  Get upset easily.
  Am often in a bad mood.
  Lose my temper.

– keyed Rarely get irritated.
  Seldom get mad.
  Am not easily annoyed.
  Keep my cool.
  Rarely complain.

+ keyed Often feel blue.
  Dislike myself.
  Am often down in the dumps.
  Have a low opinion of myself.
  Have frequent mood swings.
  Feel desperate.
  Feel that my life lacks direction.

– keyed Seldom feel blue.
  Feel comfortable with myself.
  Am very pleased with myself.

+ keyed Am easily intimidated.
  Am afraid that I will do the wrong thing.
  Find it difficult to approach others.
  Am afraid to draw attention to myself.
  Only feel comfortable with friends.
  Stumble over my words.

– keyed Am not embarrassed easily.
  Am comfortable in unfamiliar situations.
  Am not bothered by difficult social situations.
  Am able to stand up for myself.

+ keyed Often eat too much.
  Don't know why I do some of the things I do.
  Do things I later regret.
  Go on binges.
  Love to eat.

– keyed Rarely overindulge.
  Easily resist temptations.
  Am able to control my cravings.
  Never spend more than I can afford.
  Never splurge.

+ keyed Panic easily.
  Become overwhelmed by events.
  Feel that I'm unable to deal with things.
  Can't make up my mind.
  Get overwhelmed by emotions.

– keyed Remain calm under pressure.
  Can handle complex problems.
  Know how to cope.
  Readily overcome setbacks.
  Am calm even in tense situations.

+ keyed Make friends easily.
  Warm up quickly to others.
  Feel comfortable around people.
  Act comfortably with others.
  Cheer people up.

– keyed Am hard to get to know.
  Often feel uncomfortable around others.
  Avoid contacts with others.
  Am not really interested in others.
  Keep others at a distance.

+ keyed Love large parties.
  Talk to a lot of different people at parties.
  Enjoy being part of a group.
  Involve others in what I am doing.
  Love surprise parties.

– keyed Prefer to be alone.
  Want to be left alone.
  Don't like crowded events.
  Avoid crowds.
  Seek quiet.

+ keyed Take charge.
  Try to lead others.
  Can talk others into doing things.
  Seek to influence others.
  Take control of things.

– keyed Wait for others to lead the way.
  Keep in the background.
  Have little to say.
  Don't like to draw attention to myself.
  Hold back my opinions.

+ keyed Am always busy.
  Am always on the go.
  Do a lot in my spare time.
  Can manage many things at the same time.
  React quickly.

– keyed Like to take it easy.
  Like to take my time.
  Like a leisurely lifestyle.
  Let things proceed at their own pace.
  React slowly.

+ keyed Love excitement.
  Seek adventure.
  Love action.
  Enjoy being part of a loud crowd.
  Enjoy being reckless.
  Act wild and crazy.
  Am willing to try anything once.
  Seek danger.

– keyed Would never go hang gliding or bungee jumping.
  Dislike loud music.

+ keyed Radiate joy.
  Have a lot of fun.
  Express childlike joy.
  Laugh my way through life.
  Love life.
  Look at the bright side of life.
  Laugh aloud.
  Amuse my friends.

– keyed Am not easily amused.
  Seldom joke around.

+ keyed Have a vivid imagination.
  Enjoy wild flights of fantasy.
  Love to daydream.
  Like to get lost in thought.
  Indulge in my fantasies.
  Spend time reflecting on things.

– keyed Seldom daydream.
  Do not have a good imagination.
  Seldom get lost in thought.
  Have difficulty imagining things.

+ keyed Believe in the importance of art.
  Like music.
  See beauty in things that others might not notice.
  Love flowers.
  Enjoy the beauty of nature.

– keyed Do not like art.
  Do not like poetry.
  Do not enjoy going to art museums.
  Do not like concerts.
  Do not enjoy watching dance performances.

+ keyed Experience my emotions intensely.
  Feel others' emotions.
  Am passionate about causes.
  Enjoy examining myself and my life.
  Try to understand myself.

– keyed Seldom get emotional.
  Am not easily affected by my emotions.
  Rarely notice my emotional reactions.
  Experience very few emotional highs and lows.
  Don't understand people who get emotional.

+ keyed Prefer variety to routine.
  Like to visit new places.
  Am interested in many things.
  Like to begin new things.

– keyed Prefer to stick with things that I know.
  Dislike changes.
  Don't like the idea of change.
  Am a creature of habit.
  Dislike new foods.
  Am attached to conventional ways.

+ keyed Like to solve complex problems.
  Love to read challenging material.
  Have a rich vocabulary.
  Can handle a lot of information.
  Enjoy thinking about things.

– keyed Am not interested in abstract ideas.
  Avoid philosophical discussions.
  Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.
  Am not interested in theoretical discussions.
  Avoid difficult reading material.

+ keyed Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
  Believe that there is no absolute right and wrong.
  Believe that criminals should receive help rather than punishment.

– keyed Believe in one true religion.
  Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
  Believe that too much tax money goes to support artists.
  Believe laws should be strictly enforced.
  Believe that we coddle criminals too much.
  Believe that we should be tough on crime.
  Like to stand during the national anthem.

A1: TRUST (.82)
+ keyed Trust others.
  Believe that others have good intentions.
  Trust what people say.
  Believe that people are basically moral.
  Believe in human goodness.
  Think that all will be well.

– keyed Distrust people.
  Suspect hidden motives in others.
  Am wary of others.
  Believe that people are essentially evil.

A2: MORALITY (.75)
+ keyed Would never cheat on my taxes.
  Stick to the rules.

– keyed Use flattery to get ahead.
  Use others for my own ends.
  Know how to get around the rules.
  Cheat to get ahead.
  Put people under pressure.
  Pretend to be concerned for others.
  Take advantage of others.
  Obstruct others' plans.

A3: ALTRUISM (.77)
+ keyed Make people feel welcome.
  Anticipate the needs of others.
  Love to help others.
  Am concerned about others.
  Have a good word for everyone.

– keyed Look down on others.
  Am indifferent to the feelings of others.
  Make people feel uncomfortable.
  Turn my back on others.
  Take no time for others.

+ keyed Am easy to satisfy.
  Can't stand confrontations.
  Hate to seem pushy.

– keyed Have a sharp tongue.
  Contradict others.
  Love a good fight.
  Yell at people.
  Insult people.
  Get back at others.
  Hold a grudge.

A5: MODESTY (.77)
+ keyed Dislike being the center of attention.
  Dislike talking about myself.
  Consider myself an average person.
  Seldom toot my own horn.

– keyed Believe that I am better than others.
  Think highly of myself.
  Have a high opinion of myself.
  Know the answers to many questions.
  Boast about my virtues.
  Make myself the center of attention.

A6: SYMPATHY (.75)
+ keyed Sympathize with the homeless.
  Feel sympathy for those who are worse off than myself.
  Value cooperation over competition.
  Suffer from others' sorrows.

– keyed Am not interested in other people's problems.
  Tend to dislike soft-hearted people.
  Believe in an eye for an eye.
  Try not to think about the needy.
  Believe people should fend for themselves.
  Can't stand weak people.

+ keyed Complete tasks successfully.
  Excel in what I do.
  Handle tasks smoothly.
  Am sure of my ground.
  Come up with good solutions.
  Know how to get things done.

– keyed Misjudge situations.
  Don't understand things.
  Have little to contribute.
  Don't see the consequences of things.

+ keyed Like order.
  Like to tidy up.
  Want everything to be "just right."
  Love order and regularity.
  Do things according to a plan.

– keyed Often forget to put things back in their proper place.
  Leave a mess in my room.
  Leave my belongings around.
  Am not bothered by messy people.
  Am not bothered by disorder.

+ keyed Try to follow the rules.
  Keep my promises.
  Pay my bills on time.
  Tell the truth.
  Listen to my conscience.

– keyed Break rules.
  Break my promises.
  Get others to do my duties.
  Do the opposite of what is asked.
  Misrepresent the facts.

+ keyed Go straight for the goal.
  Work hard.
  Turn plans into actions.
  Plunge into tasks with all my heart.
  Do more than what's expected of me.
  Set high standards for myself and others.
  Demand quality.

– keyed Am not highly motivated to succeed.
  Do just enough work to get by.
  Put little time and effort into my work.

+ keyed Get chores done right away.
  Am always prepared.
  Start tasks right away.
  Get to work at once.
  Carry out my plans.

– keyed Find it difficult to get down to work.
  Waste my time.
  Need a push to get started.
  Have difficulty starting tasks.
  Postpone decisions.

+ keyed Avoid mistakes.
  Choose my words with care.
  Stick to my chosen path.

– keyed Jump into things without thinking.
  Make rash decisions.
  Like to act on a whim.
  Rush into things.
  Do crazy things.
  Act without thinking.
  Often make last-minute plans.

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