Research Opportunities

This collaboratory can serve as a source of ideas for both students and experienced investigators searching for research studies that would be of exceptional scientific interest.

So, here are an initial few research ideas waiting to be implemented. As you think of other ideas, send them to Lewis R. Goldberg at for posting on this page.

1) In a comparative-validity study, one can compare the original version of one of the personality inventories for which IPIP scales have been developed with its IPIP counterpart, using criteria available in your research context. (See the section of this web-site labeled "Multiple Constructs," and then "Broad-Bandwidth Inventories," for a list of the inventories for which such comparative-validity studies are needed.) Applications in business or industrial settings would be particularly helpful, using aspects of job performance as the criteria.

2) More generally, if funds permit, one can conduct comparative-validity studies pitting different inventories (the original versions, their IPIP counterparts, or both) against one or more criteria of the sort that personality inventories ought to predict. Where possible, one should include criteria based on data other than self-reports, including descriptions by knowledgeable informants (e.g., peer ratings) and behavioral observations in home, work, or school settings. This should keep us busy for awhile.

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