The Items in the 30 Preliminary IPIP Scales
Measuring Constructs Similar to Those in
Cloninger's Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI)

NS1: VARIETY-SEEKING (Alpha = .80)
+ keyed Prefer variety to routine.
  Love to think up new ways of doing things.
  Am open to change.
  Enjoy hearing new ideas.
  Seek adventure.
  Like to begin new things.
  Like to visit new places.

– keyed Don't like the idea of change.
  Dislike changes.
  Prefer to stick with things that I know.

+ keyed Jump into things without thinking.
  Rush into things.
  Like to act on a whim.
  Make rash decisions.

– keyed Like to sleep on things before acting.
  Think twice before doing something.
  Take precautions.
  Have an eye for detail.
  Reflect on things before acting.
  Investigate all possibilities.

+ keyed Spend more money than I have.
  Overuse my credit.

– keyed Never spend more than I can afford.
  Never abuse my credit.

+ keyed Break rules.
  Know how to get around the rules.
  Enjoy crude jokes.
  Use swear words.
  Cheat to get ahead.
  Resist authority.

– keyed Would never cheat on my taxes.
  Try to follow the rules.
  Stick to the rules.
  Respect authority.

+ keyed Often feel blue.
  Fear for the worst.
  Dislike myself.
  Am often in a bad mood.
  Get stressed out easily.

– keyed Feel comfortable with myself.
  Am relaxed most of the time.
  Seldom feel blue.
  Am not easily bothered by things.
  Don't worry about things that have already happened.

+ keyed Would never go hang gliding or bungee jumping.
  Would never make a high risk investment.
  Avoid dangerous situations.

– keyed Take risks.
  Seek danger.
  Willing to try anything once.
  Enjoy being reckless.
  Do dangerous things.
  Know no limits.
  Let myself go.

+ keyed Often feel uncomfortable around others.
  Find it difficult to approach others.
  Only feel comfortable with friends.
  Am quiet around strangers.
  Am apprehensive about new encounters.

– keyed Feel comfortable around people.
  Talk to a lot of different people at parties.
  Am not bothered by difficult social situations.
  Act comfortably with others.
  Am comfortable in unfamiliar situations.

+ keyed Become overwhelmed by events.
  Am often down in the dumps.
  Feel that I'm unable to deal with things.
  Am afraid of many things.
  Need reassurance.

– keyed Readily overcome setbacks.
  Can manage many things at the same time.
  Can tackle anything.
  Think quickly.

+ keyed Have a soft heart.
  Cry during movies.
  Am deeply moved by others' misfortunes.
  Cry easily.
  Am easily moved to tears.
  Sympathize with others' feelings.
  Suffer from others' sorrows.

– keyed Am indifferent to the feelings of others.
  Don't have a soft side.
  Seldom get emotional.

+ keyed Make friends easily.
  Warm up quickly to others.
  Enjoy bringing people together.
  Am interested in people.
  Love to chat.

– keyed Am hard to get to know.
  Have difficulty expressing my feelings.
  Avoid contacts with others.
  Am not really interested in others.
  Keep others at a distance.

+ keyed Am open about my feelings.
  Am open about myself to others.
  Disclose my intimate thoughts.
  Show my feelings.
  Talk about my worries.

– keyed Don't talk a lot.
  Reveal little about myself.
  Bottle up my feelings.
  Have little to say.
  Say little.

+ keyed Try to please everyone.
  Follow directions.
  Do what others want me to do.
  Hate to seem pushy.
  Follow orders.

– keyed Don't care what others think.
  Quickly recognize possibilities.
  Give in to no one.
  Want to be different from others.
  Believe only in myself.

+ keyed Get things done quickly.
  Get chores done right away.
  Get to work at once.
  Plunge into tasks with all my heart.
  Finish tasks quickly.
  Start tasks right away.

– keyed Have difficulty starting tasks.
  Need a push to get started.
  Find it difficult to get down to work.
  Put off unpleasant tasks.

+ keyed Like to solve complex problems.
  Feel up to any task.
  Can perform a wide variety of tasks.
  Accept challenging tasks.
  Know how to apply my knowledge.
  Meet challenges.

– keyed Give up easily.
  Don't put my mind on the task at hand.
  Don't see things through.

+ keyed Want to be the very best.
  Want to be in charge.
  Go straight for the goal.
  Continue until everything is perfect.
  Try to surpass others' accomplishments.
  Try to outdo others.
  Take control of things.
  Never give up.
  Try to lead others.

– keyed Am not highly motivated to succeed.

+ keyed Work hard.
  Do more than what's expected of me.
  Am always busy.
  Am exacting in my work.
  Set high standards for myself and others.
  Am ready to do battle for a cause.
  Accomplish a lot of work.
  Am always on the go.

– keyed Do just enough work to get by.
  Put little time and effort into my work.

+ keyed Know how to enjoy myself.

– keyed Feel short-changed in life.
  Feel that people have a hard time understanding me.
  Feel attacked by others.
  Suspect hidden motives in others.
  Am not in the mood for anything.
  Let myself be used.
  Am embarrassed to have people see my home.
  Withhold information from others.
  See events as unavoidable.

S2: OPTIMISM (.71)
+ keyed Never give up hope.
  Love life.
  Work on improving myself.
  Keep improving myself.
  Know what I want.

– keyed Feel that my life lacks direction.
  Am not sure where my life is going.
  Am resigned to my fate.
  Let others determine my choices.
  Agree to anything.

+ keyed Can handle complex problems.
  Face problems directly.
  Am good at many things.
  Formulate ideas clearly.
  Complete tasks successfully.

– keyed Wait for others to lead the way.
  Am easily discouraged.
  Am easily intimidated.
  Can't make up my mind.
  Panic easily.

+ keyed Respect the opinions of others.
  Take things as they come.

– keyed Am out for my own personal gain.
  See other people as my competitors.
  Seek status.
  Look down on any weakness.
  Am preoccupied with myself.
  Use flattery to get ahead.

+ keyed Am able to control my cravings.
  Easily resist temptations.
  Carry out my plans.
  Follow through with my plans.
  Rarely overindulge.

– keyed Don't know why I do some of the things I do.
  Habitually blow my chances.
  Make a mess of things.
  Waste my time.
  Do things I later regret.

+ keyed Accept people as they are.
  Respect others.
  Sympathize with the homeless.
  Believe there are many sides to most issues.
  Believe that others have good intentions.
  Can accept a lot from others.

– keyed Am a bad loser.
  Get irritated easily.
  Lay down the law to others.
  Treat people as inferiors.
  Am quick to judge others.
  Am annoyed by others' mistakes.

C2: EMPATHY (.79)
+ keyed Feel others' emotions.
  Anticipate the needs of others.
  Reassure others.
  Make others feel good.
  Am concerned about others.
  Have a good word for everyone.
  Make people feel welcome.
  Take time out for others.

– keyed (No negative items.)

C3: TRUST (.73)
+ keyed Trust what people say.
  Trust others.
  Like to be of service to others.
  Am nice to store clerks.
  Try to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.
  Acknowledge others' accomplishments.

– keyed Feel little concern for others.
  Can't be bothered with other's needs.
  Distrust people.
  Pretend to be concerned for others.
  Disregard the opinions of others.
  Obstruct others' plans.

+ keyed Try to forgive and forget.
  Accept others' weaknesses.
  Am inclined to forgive others.

– keyed Hold a grudge.
  Do things out of revenge.
  Find it hard to forgive others.
  Get back at others.
  Get even with others.
  Get angry easily.
  Look down on others.

C5: MORALITY (.66)
+ keyed Listen to my conscience.
  Act according to my conscience.
  Like harmony in my life.
  Return extra change when a cashier makes a mistake.
  Stand behind my actions.
  Care about justice.

– keyed Try to fool others.
  Believe that the end justifies the means.
  Misuse power.
  Do the opposite of what is asked.

+ keyed Get so involved with things that I forget the time.
  Like to get lost in thought.
  Have a vivid imagination.
  Do things that others find strange.
  Get lost in my dreams.
  Do unexpected things.
  Enjoy wild flights of fantasy.
  Experience my emotions intensely.

– keyed Do things by the book.
  Seldom get lost in thought.
  Am not interested in abstract ideas.

+ keyed See beauty in things that others might not notice.
  Am passionate about causes.
  Am inexplicably happy some of the time.
  Express childlike joy.
  Enjoy examining myself and my life.
  Am passionate about anything I'm involved in.
  Love flowers.

– keyed Rarely look for a deeper meaning in things.
  Do not like poetry.

+ keyed Believe in one true religion.
  Believe that there are universal truths.
  Tend to vote for conservative political candidates.
  Believe kids need tough love.
  Sacrifice myself for others.
  Believe in the importance of tradition.

– keyed Believe that there is no absolute right or wrong.
  Tend to vote for liberal political candidates.
  Dislike movies with happy Hollywood endings.

+ keyed Like to watch figure skating.
  Love children's movies.
  Love children.
  Radiate joy.
  Feel sympathy for those who are worse off than myself.
  Try to stay in touch with myself.

– keyed Am not interested in other people's problems.
  Try not to think about the needy.

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