Arabic Translation of the IPIP 50-item Big-Five markers

Provided by Pia Zeinoun

Items and Scoring

Item number Original Goldberg Item Substituted IPIP item Arabic Adoption Score direction IPIP items loading on NEO facets Big-Five factor markers in Goldberg (1992).  Letter of scale Name of item Name with Factor and Number
1 Am the life of the party أنا ممتع في الحفلات  و المناسبات (1+) Extraversion Extraversion E IPIP1 E_IPIP1_Am the life of the party
2 Feel little concern for others. أشعر بالقليل من الإهتمام تجاه الآخرين (2-) Agreeableness Agreeableness A IPIP2 A_IPIP2_Feel little concern for others.
3 Am always prepared. I procrastinate decisions أؤجل القرارات (3-) Conscientiousness Conscientiousness C IPIP3 C_IPIP3_I procrastinate decisions
4 Get stressed out easily. أشعر بالضغط النفسي بسهولة (4-) Emotional Stability Emotional Stability ES IPIP4 ES_IPIP4_Get stressed out easily.
5 Have a rich vocabulary. لدي الكثير من الكلمات و المفردات (5+) Openess/Intellect Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP5 OI_IPIP5_Have a rich vocabulary.
6 Don't talk a lot. لا أتكلم كثيرا (1-)  Extraversion Extraversion E IPIP6 E_IPIP6_Don't talk a lot.
7 Am interested in people. أنا مهتم بالناس (2+)  Extraversion Agreeableness A IPIP7 A_IPIP7_Am interested in people.
8 Leave my belongings around. أضع ممتلكاتي/ أشيائي بدون نظام (3-)  Conscientiousness Conscientiousness C IPIP8 C_IPIP8_Leave my belongings around.
9 Am relaxed most of the time. أشعر بالراحة النفسية معظم الوقت (4+)  Emotional Stability Emotional Stability ES IPIP9 ES_IPIP9_Am relaxed most of the time.
10 Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas. أجد صعوبة في فهم الأفكار العميقة/المجردة (5-)  Openess/Intellect Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP10 OI_IPIP10_Have difficulty understanding abstract ideas.
11 Feel comfortable around people. أشعر بالارتياح مع الآخرين (1+)  Extraversion/Friendliness Extraversion E IPIP11 E_IPIP11_Feel comfortable around people.
12 Insult people. أنا أهين الآخرين (2-)  Agreeableness/Cooperation  Agreeableness A IPIP12 A_IPIP12_Insult people.
13 Pay attention to details. أهتم بالتفاصيل (3+)  n/a Conscientiousness C IPIP13 C_IPIP13_Pay attention to details.
14 Worry about things. أقلق تجاه بعض الأمور (4-)  Emotional Stability/Anxiety  Emotional Stability ES IPIP14 ES_IPIP14_Worry about things.
15 Have a vivid imagination. عندي خيال واسع (5+) Openess/Imagination  Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP15 OI_IPIP15_Have a vivid imagination.
16 Keep in the background. لا أحب أن أكون موضع الإنتباه (1-) Extraversion/Assertiveness Extraversion E IPIP16 E_IPIP16_Keep in the background.
17 Sympathize with others' feelings. أتعاطف مع مشاعر الآخرين (2+)  n/a Agreeableness A IPIP17 A_IPIP17_Sympathize with others' feelings.
18 Make a mess of things. أسبب الفوضى من حولي (3-)  Conscientiousness/Orderliness  Conscientiousness C IPIP18 C_IPIP18_Make a mess of things.
19 Seldom feel blue. نادرا ما أشعر بالحزن (4+)  Emotional Stability/Depression Emotional Stability ES IPIP19 ES_IPIP19_Seldom feel blue.
20 Am not interested in abstract ideas. ليس لدي اهتمام بالأفكار العميقة/ المجردة (5-)  Openess/Intellect Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP20 OI_IPIP20_Am not interested in abstract ideas.
21 Start conversations. أبادر/أبدأ الحديث مع الآخرين (1+)  n/a Extraversion E IPIP21 E_IPIP21_Start conversations.
22 Am not interested in other people's problems. ليس لدي اهتمام بمشاكل الآخرين (2-)  Agreeableness/Sympathy Agreeableness A IPIP22 A_IPIP22_Am not interested in other people's problems.
23 Get chores done right away. أنجز الأشغال فورا (3+)  Conscientiousness/ self discipline Conscientiousness C IPIP23 C_IPIP23_Get chores done right away.
24 Am easily disturbed. أنزعج بسهولة (4-)  n/a Emotional Stability ES IPIP24 ES_IPIP24_Am easily disturbed.
25 Have excellent ideas. عندي أفكار ممتازة (5+)  n/a Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP25 OI_IPIP25_Have excellent ideas.
26 Have little to say. I bottle up my feelings أكبت مشاعري (1-)  Extraversion/Assertiveness Extraversion E IPIP26 E_IPIP26_I bottle up my feelings
27 Have a soft heart. أنا طيب القلب (2+)  n/a Agreeableness A IPIP27 A_IPIP27_Have a soft heart.
28 Often forget to put things back in their proper place. غالبا ما أنسى أن  أرجع الأشياء إلى  مكانها الصحيح (3-)  Conscientiousness/Orderliness  Conscientiousness C IPIP28 C_IPIP28_Often forget to put things back in their proper place.
29 Get upset easily. أشعر بالانزعاج بسرعة (4-)  Emotional Stability/anger Emotional Stability ES IPIP29 ES_IPIP29_Get upset easily.
30 Do not have a good imagination. ليس لدي خيال واسع (5-)  Openess/Imagination  Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP30 OI_IPIP30_Do not have a good imagination.
31 Talk to a lot of different people at parties. أتحدث مع الكثير من الناس في الحفلات و المناسبات (1+)  Extraversion/Gregariousness  Extraversion E IPIP31 E_IPIP31_Talk to a lot of different people at parties.
32 Am not really interested in others. ليس لدي اهتمام حقيقي بالآخرين (2-)  Extraversion/Friendliness  Agreeableness A IPIP32 A_IPIP32_Am not really interested in others.
33 Like order. أحب النظام (3+)  Conscientiousness/Orderliness  Conscientiousness C IPIP33 C_IPIP33_Like order.
34 Change my mood a lot. كثيرا ما أغير مزاجي (4-)  n/a Emotional Stability ES IPIP34 ES_IPIP34_Change my mood a lot.
35 Am quick to understand things. أفهم الأشياء بسرعة (5+)  Openess/Intellect Openess/Intellect OI IPIP35 OI_IPIP35_Am quick to understand things.
36 Don't like to draw attention to myself. لا أحب لفت الأنظار إلى نفسي (1-)  Extraversion Extraversion E IPIP36 E_IPIP36_Don't like to draw attention to myself.
37 Take time out for others. أخصص/ أفرّغ بعضا من وقتي لأكون مع الآخرين (2+)  Agreeableness/Altruism  Agreeableness A IPIP37 A_IPIP37_Take time out for others.
38 Shirk my duties. أتفادى واجباتي (3-)  n/a Conscientiousness C IPIP38 C_IPIP38_Shirk my duties.
39 Have frequent mood swings. كثيرا ما يتغير مزاجي بسرعة (4-)  Emotional Stability/Depression  Emotional Stability ES IPIP39 ES_IPIP39_Have frequent mood swings.
40 Use difficult words. أستخدم كلمات (مفردات) صعبة (5+)  n/a Openess/Intellect OI IPIP40 OI_IPIP40_Use difficult words.
41 Don't mind being the center of attention. لا أمانع أن أكون مركز الاهتمام (1+)  n/a Extraversion E IPIP41 E_IPIP41_Don't mind being the center of attention.
42 Feel others' emotions. أشعر بأحاسيس الآخرين (2+)  Openess/Emotionality Agreeableness A IPIP42 A_IPIP42_Feel others' emotions.
43 Follow a schedule. ألتزم بجدول أعمال (3+)  n/a Conscientiousness C IPIP43 C_IPIP43_Follow a schedule.
44 Get irritated easily. أشعر بالغضب بسهولة (4-)  Emotional Stability/Anger Emotional Stability ES IPIP44 ES_IPIP44_Get irritated easily.
45 Spend time reflecting on things. I avoid philosophical arguments أتجنب المناقشات الفلسفية (5-)  n/a Openness/imagination OI IPIP45 OI_IPIP45_I avoid philosophical arguments
46 Am quiet around strangers. أكون صامتا حول الغرباء (1-)  n/a Extraversion E IPIP46 E_IPIP46_Am quiet around strangers.
47 Make people feel at ease. أُشعر الآخرين من حولي بالراحة (2+)  n/a Agreeableness A IPIP47 A_IPIP47_Make people feel at ease.
48 Am exacting in my work. أنا دقيق و صارم في عملي (3+)  n/a Conscientiousness C IPIP48 C_IPIP48_Am exacting in my work.
49 Often feel blue. كثيرا ما أشعر بالحزن (4-)  Emotional Stability/Depression  Emotional Stability ES IPIP49 ES_IPIP49_Often feel blue.
50 Am full of ideas. أنا مفعم بالأفكار (5+)  n/a Intellect/Imagination OI IPIP50 OI_IPIP50_Am full of ideas.

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Zeinoun, P., Daouk-Öyry, L., Choueiri, L., & Van de Vijver, F. J. (2017). A mixed-methods study of personality conceptions in the Levant: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 113(3), 453-465. doi: 10.1037/pspp0000148

Methodology and Results

Fifty items were chosen from the 100 Arabic items developed by Abdullatif (2005). The items were reviewed by two psychologists, and a linguist. Unclear items were substituted with other IPIP English items, which were then translated into Arabic. The final 50 items were back-translated into English and critically examined until consensus was reached on the Arabic items. The inventory was used on a sample of N=326 participants from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine, and showed expected factor structure, internal reliability, and relationship with demographics. However, the IPIP did not cover indigenous personality conceptions relevant to the Arab Levant, and showed weaker associations with background variables, than the indigenous instrument.

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