Chinese Translation of the AB5C Toughness Scale

Provided by Evan Choi 

  Item Number Original English Item Translated Chinese Item
+ keyed 1 Am calm even in tense situations. 在 緊張的情況下依舊平靜。
2 Don't lose my head. 不 會喪失理智。
3 Know how to cope. 知 道怎樣處理壓力。
4 Can stand criticism. 可 以面對批評。
- keyed 5 Take offense easily. 自 在地面對冒犯。
6 Panic easily. 容 易恐慌。
7 Am easily hurt. 容 易受到傷害。
8 Am easily offended. 容 易被冒犯。
9 Feel crushed by setbacks. 感 到被挫折粉碎。
10 Become overwhelmed by events. 感 到被不同事情壓垮。
11 Am easily frightened. 容 易驚慌。
12 Am easily confused. 容 易感到困惑。

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